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Hopes for Turner Field area overhaul

The city of Atlanta is seeking ways to improve the area surrounding Turner Field. Officials want the 55 acres of parking lot north of Turner Field turned over in a vibrant area used for retail and leisure that draw crowds even when the Braves are not playing.

The economic development department of Atlanta have sent the request to developers to come up with ideas on how the area can be converted to multifunctional sports and entertainment district that lifts up the blighted neighborhood. In the situation of the current economy an overhaul is quite a risk as other development projects elsewhere in Atlanta has proven. And a sports and entertainment area around Turner Field will have competition from other centers, like the Atlantic Station.

The lease that the Atlanta Braves have on Turner Field and the surrounding parking lots will expire in 2016. While there have been no talks about moving the organization to another location, it is known that the Braves have pressed for improvements of the ballpark area.

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