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Turner Field – Atlanta Braves

Turner Field is the stadium of the Atlanta Braves and named after the owner of the Braves, Ted Turner, hence the nickname “The Ted”. The construction began in 1993 as the Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia and was opened on May 18, 1996. It then had a capacity of 85.000 seats. The building costs were $209 million. After the Olympics the stadium was converted to a 49.000 seat ballpark. The Atlanta Braves had their first opening game on March 30, 1997. In 2005 Turner Field had an extensive renovation. One of the alterations was the $10 million new video display. At the time it was the biggest HD video screen in the world.

As mentioned earlier, Turner Field was first the Olympic Stadium of the 1996 Olympics. But baseball was already incorporated when the design proces started. There were two reasons for that: the first one was that with the Georgia Dome completed four years earlier, there was no need for an extra traditional athletics- and field-stadium near Atlanta. The second reason was that the Braves had been looking for a new ballpark for quite some time. Because of the lay-out demanded to hold the Olympics, the field is larger then most other MLB stadiums.

Turner Field has several unique features. Grand Entry Plaza is located in the northern part of the stadium. Several entertainment and concession area’s are in the plaza which has a 100 ft diameter backdrop photograph of Hank Aaron’s 715th home run. Atlanta being the home of Coca Cola, it comes to no surprise that one of the biggest eyecatchers inside the stadium is a gigantic Coca Cola bottle, placed behind left field. In 2009 a new bottle with HD screen and LED’s replaced the old one made of different pieces of baseball gear. Next to the Coca Cola bottle stands the 40 feet Chick-fil-A Cow. Chick-fil-A is a fast food restaurant chain which like Coca Cola has it’s headquarter in Atlanta. The cow is wearing the cap of the braves and can do the famous “tomahawk chop”.

Notable moments
On July 11, 2000 the annual Major League Baseball All-Star game was played at Turner Field. The stars of the American League won with 6 runs against 3. More then a year later, on October 5, 2001, the record for most runs by a team in a single inning. The Atlanta Braves scored 10 runs in the first inning in a game against the Miami Marlins. They won the game with 20-3. On October 5, 2003 Turner Field recorded the highest attendance in a play-off game against the Chicago Cubs: 54.357 people attended that game. Finally on July 26-27, 2011 a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates was the longest game in Braves History. It took 6 hours and 39 minutes to finish that game. The game was won in 19 innings by the Braves by 4-3.

Other events
Since 2011 Turner Field is home of the Great Atlanta Beer Fest. With over 150 beers to sample, the beer fest is one best events to attend in the beginning of September. In the summer after the games, the Atlanta Braves host a series of summer concerts. These concerts are free to attend for the fans who attended the game.

Name: Turner Field
MLB Team: Atlanta Braves
Atlanta Stadium Design Team
Date of Opening
: May 18, 1996
Building Costs: $209 million
Capacity: 49,586
Surface: GN-1 Bermuda Grass
Left Field 335 ft
Left Center 380 ft
Center Field 401 ft
Right Center 390 ft
Right Field 330 ft
Backstop 43 ft

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755 Hank Aaron Drive
Atlanta, GA 30315
(404) 614-2310


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